Antique American Clocks                      January 2022


117.      $200

Mark Leavenworth & Co. column & splat, 1829-1834.  A 26-inch case with a 30-hour time-and-strike wooden movement in largely original condition.  Note the rounded quarter-columns on both sides, with original paint and stenciling, and the original splat.  Both glasses are old/original, with old but not original putty around the dial glass and the original unretouched tablet, with a crack, on the bottom.  The tablet is remarkably well preserved for that period. The dial shows some retouched losses but is very clean, the hands period.  The wooden movement is running and striking when the weights are hung.  The label is in good condition.  The case needs to be cleaned, and there is a large piece of veneer missing on the left side.  Note the pulley covers on top.  Give this clock a second look, it may be better than you think. There are not many examples of this style from Mr. Leavenworth – I can find one example on LiveAuctioneers that sold at Cowan’s in 2017 for $200.  $200-$400.

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