Antique American Clocks                      January 2022


116.     $500

Elliott C. Tallmadge column & splat shelf clock, ca. 1835.  Tallmadge mostly worked with Erastus Hodges and Edmund Wooding, but made a few clocks under his own label, as found here.  They all contain Torrington (east-west) 30-hour wooden movements.  This example has been fully restored, with the columns and splat repainted and rebronzed, both glasses replaced some time ago, and the dial board repainted by The Dial House.  The hands are period and correctly sized.  The tablet was nicely repainted by David A Sheley in 1983.  I believe the movement was also restored at that time and now will run briefly, but the strike cord has broken and could not be tested.  There are two square weights and a period pendulum bob. The label is a bit tattered but still readable.  The case is 28.5 inches tall, with good veneer all around; note that it was not designed for this movement, as the pulley openings at the top have been filled (there also are slots at the bottom for vertical support boards).  Tallmadge likely bought “generic” cases and adapted them to his movement.  I can find but one sale in the Antique Clocks Price Guide, in 2015 at RO Schmitt’s for $1200, but it was more original.  No sales on LiveAuctioneers or Horton’s.  $500-$1000.


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