Antique American Clocks                      January 2022


104.    $200

C. & L.C. Ives “Patent Brass Eight Day Clock”, 1830-1833.  The case was likely made by Elias Ingraham with a Joseph Ives 8-day brass movement with roller pinions and pewter winding drums.  The 37.5-inch case has mahogany veneer, two original glasses, and one original tablet with considerable losses.  The center mirror is a later day replacement; the carved eagle splat appears to be original to the case.  The large wooden dial is soiled but intact, the hands are likely original, with a repair to the minute hand.  The early strap-brass movement has a solid escape wheel and large early wheels; it is running and striking, but the gong is gone, so there is nothing to strike.  There are two period iron weights and a period pendulum bob, and an excellent label inside.  One tin dust cover over a pulley in back.  A pretty good example, given its age.   $200-$350.

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