Antique American Clocks                      January 2022


102.     $200

Barnes, Bartholomew & Co. 8-day shelf clock, 1833-1836.  An early brass movement clock in an unusual case I cannot find another BB&Co with this style of cornice (although it certainly looks original from the front and back).  The case is 35 inches tall with a dark mahogany veneer, old finish, four carved half-columns and two short full columns flanking the middle mirror.  Everything looks original: the two glasses (the tablet was repainted in the door), the mirror, and the wooden dial.  The hour hand is likely original, the minute hand a proper replacement.  The strap-brass movement is unsigned, with early style wheels; it is running and striking the wire gong.  There are two old iron weights and an old pendulum bob, but no evidence of a label.  I asked for input on the Antique American Clocks Facebook page and the experts were clear that this was a BB&Co clock.  $200-$300.


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