Antique American Clocks                      January 2022


101.     $200

Birge & Fuller column & cornice shelf clock, 1844-1848.  This style of clock was made almost exclusively by Birge & Fuller.  These guys are best known for their double steeples, but they also made triple deckers (mostly with a fixed center panel) and these column & cornices.  I particularly like the ones, like this one, that have a Fenn-style tablet.  Both glasses are old and likely original; the veneer is mahogany, as are the columns.  Certainly the 32-inch case has been cleaned and polished.  The dial is wood with some losses, the hands are the proper style.   The 8-day, strap-brass movement is signed Birge & Fuller and is running and striking without issue, driven by two period iron weights and regulated by an embossed pendulum bob.  A decent label inside, along with a handwritten note on provenance back to the 1860ís. These uncommon clocks have a simplicity and elegance.  $200-$400.

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Can I return my clock if I donít like it?


Absolutely!  Save your packing and box, you have 30 days from receipt to return it if you are unhappy.  If the clock is not as described, or I missed something important and that is not evident from the pictures, I will refund your shipping costs (both ways) as well.  Find another auction company that does that!



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