Antique American Clocks                      January 2022


94.      $350

Ansonia Clock Co. “Queen Anne”, ca 1901.  This is a pretty clock, don’t you think? It’s the Queen Anne, in oak (the only way it came), with a clean finish and a medium oak stain on the 40-inch case.  This example is a time and half-hour strike, on a cathedral gong that sounds deep and rich.  The 8-day movement is a typical Ansonia workhorse, signed, with an Ansonia gong mount.  The dial is glossy paper, the hands are correct, and the door glass is old.  It is running and striking as expected.  I don’t see anything not to like, other than the lack of a label.  Horton’s sold one in 2018 for $449.  $350-$500.

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