Antique American Clocks                      January 2022


89.      $350

L.F. & W.W. Carter weight-driven calendar, 1862-1868.  A 31-inch case veneered in rosewood with a rough finish from multiple varnishes.  This is a Carter case, as the case edges are flat rather than rounded, as found on the Lewis Calendar No. 2 case.  Both glasses are old and both dials are original; the time dial shows considerable paint or varnish splatter, as well as some chipping.  The calendar dial is chipping badly.  All hands are correct.  The two-weight, time-only movement is unsigned and unwilling to run for more than a minute or two.  There are two brass shell weights that should be sufficient but are not original, as this clock came with round iron weights (see #87).  The B.B. Lewis calendar mechanism in the door retains its cover and label and is working.  A very original clock.  $400-$600.

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