Antique American Clocks                      January 2022


88.      $400

Seth Thomas “Office Calendar No. 6”, 1891.  A 32-inch mahogany (or walnut with a dark stain) case.  This is the successor to the Office Calendar No. 4, a bit larger with a larger calendar dial; the calendar mechanism was upgraded to the R.T. Andrews patent movement (1876), and a strike was available (as found here).  The bezels were made from solid wood without veneer and a nickel trim ring was added.  Buttons were still included, and on this example the two buttons above the calendar dial are improper replacements, the only flaw I can find here.  The glass over the time dial is old, the calendar glass modern, and both dials have been repainted, the hands are correct.  The 8-day time-and-strike spring-driven movement is signed and running, striking the hours on a wire gong, and the calendar is advancing.  The rollers are rather dark and probably original.  There is a large replacement hook to hold the door shut; a smaller hook probably would have been sufficient. Nonetheless, a nice example.  Horton’s sold two in 2018, one for $461 and one for $885 (wow!).  $400-$600.

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