Antique American Clocks                      January 2022


87.      $400

L.F. & W.W. Carter weight-driven calendar, 1862-1868.  A 32-inch case veneered in rosewood with an old finish.  The bezels are dark and have lost their grain-painting, and there is a bit of missing veneer in the lower left corner.  The time dial glass is newer, the calendar glass is old.  The time dial has its original paint, with some losses, the calendar dial looks to be a replacement.  All hands are correct.  The time-only brass plate movement is unsigned, driven by two cylindrical iron weights; it is running without problem and the calendar hands are advancing.  There is a good label over the door calendar movement, and, although the back wall label is gone, a few remnants are black, suggesting that this Carter clock was marketed by Welch, Spring & Co.  These clocks typically sell between $400 to $600. 


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