Antique American Clocks                      January 2022


83.      $650

Forestville Man’f Co. miniature triple decker, ca. 1845.  A 28.5-inch case with a 1-day, weight-driven brass movement.  In addition to the small size, the label here also is unusual and lists E.N. Welch, J.C. Brown, and N. Pomeroy as owners.  This label and this owner grouping are not described in American Clockmakers and Watchmakers (Spittlers & Bailey).  The three glasses are original, with considerable losses to the tablets; the columns retain the original tortoise shell painting and gilding, with considerable wear.  The gesso eagle on the crest has also suffered some damage.  The painted metal dial has losses but is relatively clean, the hands are original.  The time-and-strike movement is unsigned; it is running and striking on the wire gong, driven by two small rectangular iron weights with an old pendulum bob.  The yellowed label is readable and mostly preserved.  Miniature triple deckers are uncommon; the most recent sale I can find for a Forestville miniature was in 2013 for $1200.  $600-$1200.


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