Antique American Clocks                      January 2022


80.      $500

Chinese bracket clock, ca. 1900?  This clock sold at Fontaine’s in 2020 and was described as a late twentieth century reproduction.  While I am no expert on Chinese bracket clocks, the 14.5-inch mahogany case is clearly old and not modern wood.  However, the glasses are all modern, as are the many mirrors on the clock.  There is a porcelain dial that is rather rough, and the lettering looks hand-done in places.  The hands are likely modern, and the seconds hand most certainly is modern.  The brass plate movement has a double-fusee time-and-strike mechanism and a cowtail pendulum.  It is not securely mounted in the case; it is running but the strike is not working.  I see no labeling or imprinting on the movement. The back of the case is fenestrated with old cloth coverings, and repairs.  My guess is that this is an antique case that has been renovated with new glasses, mirrors, possibly a new dial, and hands.  The movement does not appear modern, suggesting to me that this is a reasonably restored late 19th century/early 20th century Chinese bracket clock; I would expect that the strike mechanism can be freed up without too much difficulty.  Bob Crowder, America’s expert on Chinese reproductions, also thought it was original. A nearly identical clock sold at Schmidt’s Antiques last April for $3250.  $500-$1600.


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