Antique American Clocks                      January 2022


73.      $8500

T.E. Burleigh, Jr. “Grafton Wall Clock” reproduction, ca. 1980.  In the 1980’s Ted Burleigh made 47 reproductions of the “Grafton wall clock” originally made in the 1790’s by Simon and Aaron Willard.  This is number 11, as indicated on the signed label inside the clock.  It is 25.5 inches tall, in a mahogany case, and runs for 8 days with a passing strike at the hour on the nickel bell over the brass dial.  It is driven by a lead weight, the movement made by Kilbourn and Proctor. The clock is not running reliably and will need attention.  This exact clock sold in 2016 for $9000 at R.O. Schmitt’s; in 2017 Schmitt’s sold one for $8,500.  AAC sold this clock a year ago for $10,000, but the former customer could not pay.  $8500-$11,000.

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