Antique American Clocks                      January 2022

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72.      $2500

Foster S. Campos mahogany girandole, 1998.  The 43-inch case is mahogany with gold ball ornaments, brass sidearms and brass twisted rope around the throat frame; the top and bottom glasses are convex, the throat glass bowed.  The glasses were painted by Tom Moberg.  There is a carved wooden eagle on top and a carved base.  The painted dial is signed, with Campos’ signature pierced hands.  The back of the dial is painted for an Elmer Stennes clock; Campos worked for Stennes until 1972.  The 8-day time-only movement is signed Foster Campos, Pembroke MA, #4 and #841.  It is running easily.  The pendulum bob is damascened, the weight is unsigned.  The case, lower door and throat are numbered 2 and the date ‘98’ is stamped into the case.  RO Schmitt sold a mahogany girandole in 2011 for $4300; Horton's sold this clock to the consignor in 2018 for $4750.  Most of these girandoles are gilded.  An impressive piece.  $2500-$4000.