Antique American Clocks                      January 2022


69.      $2500

E. Howard & Co. “No. 3 Regulator”, ca. 1874.  “Not the biggest, not the smallest, right in the middle”.  A 39-inch walnut or mahogany case that was originally grain-painted, but still looks good.  The three glasses are original, still glazed in place; the throat and tablet have probably been rebacked if not repainted in place.  The painted dial has some spotting and is probably an old repaint; the minute hand has been repaired and is not secured to the stem. There is also a repair to the pendulum hanger.  The signed 8-day, time-only movement is running tenderly; the pendulum stick is original, with gold leafing, and the pendulum bob shows a bit of damascening.  The weight is not original and has been machined to work.  The number ‘82’ is stamped on the case in two places, on the lower door and on the front top of the throat frame. There is a metal weight shield and a repaired tie-down.  No label.  A very nice example, lacking only a proper weight. Last fall Schmidt’s Antiques sold one for $3750 and Fontaine’s sold one for $4500.  $2500-$4500.

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