Antique American Clocks                      January 2022


64.      $2600

Forestville Mfg Co. Monumental Empire, ca. 1846.  A second example of this rare clock, this one also deaccessioned from the National Clock & Watch Museum.  Again veneered in flame mahogany (as all are), this one with a bit brighter finish.  Both glasses are old, the tablet matching that seen in several others and likely original, likely made by the New England Glass Co.  The middle tablet has been replaced.  The dial here is metal and although period, most of these clocks have a wooden dial board; the hands are correct but not original.  The signed lyre movement, 8 days, time-and-strike, is running and striking without problem, driven by two 9.5-lb iron weights and regulated by a period pendulum bob.  There is a label inside, pasted over the wallpaper also seen in #62, but this one also contains a color lithograph of “Death of Napoleon”; other examples of this clock also contain a color lithograph.  AAC sold one of these rare clocks in 2020 for $5500.  $2600-$5000.

You can bid on both clocks; just state on your bid sheet that you only want one (unless you want them both) and indicate a preference if desired.  You also can decline the weights for a $50 discount. 


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