Antique American Clocks                      January 2022


63.      $250

Birge, Mallory & Co. “Patent Brass Eight-Day Clock”, 1838-1843.  One of a series of companies John Birge was involved in, all making strap-brass triple-deckers.  This one is very original (with the exception of the Moberg tablets, repainted on the original glass); the finish is just a bit glossy and a bit rough.  Three original glasses, carved splat, a clean wooden dial with a lift-up mirror to reveal the shiny brass movement, 8-days, time-and-strike signed on the mid-crosspiece (BM&Co).   Proper hands, a period pendulum bob, proper iron weights, and even tin dust covers over the pulleys; it is running and striking as expected.  A good label inside and a very fine example.  $250-$400.

UPDATE:  A sharp viewer noted that the bell in this clock is replacing a wire gong.

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