Antique American Clocks                      January 2022


62.      $2600

Forestville Mfg Co. Monumental Empire, ca. 1846.  At an imposing 40 inches tall and veneered in flame mahogany (now dark due to the finish), one of the largest Empire shelf clocks of its period.  This one was deaccessioned from the National Watch & Clock Museum in Columbia, PA (a photograph I took of it in 2018 at the Museum is shown below). The three glasses are period but probably not original, and I suspect the two frosted glasses were cut from the same original glass, possibly an OG glass.  The signed wooden dial is period and judging from the wear could be original; the hands are also period. The Forestville movement is likely original and has been rebushed in places but will not run; it will strike.  A cleaning may be all that is needed, as this clock has not been run in some time.  There are no weights with this clock, but I may be able to help there.  There is a Forestville Mfg Co. label inside, a bit torn up, but note that it sits on top of the interior wallpaper, and this wallpaper is also found in this clock’s partner, #64.  There is no evidence of a back wall lithograph as found in other examples including #64.   AAC sold one of these in 2020 for $5500; I am aware of 9 other examples of this model. $2600-$5000.

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