Antique American Clocks                      January 2022


55.      $500

L. Furtwangler & Sohne hall clock, ca. 1900.  The logo is stamped on the back along with a typed description of the company’s history; the case stands 89 inches tall and 23 inches wide, made of what appears to be walnut. There are applied carvings and columns on each side of the trunk and base; the waist glass is beveled, the dial glass is old. There probably was a simple peaked pediment on top originally; there is a 2.5-inch chip off the back of the left cornice.  The silvered dial shows some wear and is signed “Henri Arnautou | Pau”; Pau is a town in southwestern France and Arnautou was likely the retailer there.  The 8-day movement strikes on 7 rods playing Westminster Chimes on the quarter-hours and striking on 3 rods to count the hours.  The hammers and rods need adjustment for best sound, and there is one hammer missing.  It is running without problem, driven by three large brass weights and regulated by a large brass pendulum bob on a matching wooden stick. There is a spot of corrosion on the right side of the bob.  Delivery to the eastern half of the US for $450.  $450-$1000.

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