Antique American Clocks                      January 2022


53.      $1000

Colonial Manufacturing Co. 7-tube hall clock, ca. 1902.  A 92-inch dark mahogany-veneered case with old glass over the dial and newer glass in the waist door.  The veneer is lifting slightly on the sides and a piece is missing from the lower left corner of the base.  There are applied carvings on the front and door stiles and over the crest. The openings on the sides of the hood have lost their fabric screens and are now covered by internal curtains.  The brass and nickel dial is discolored from wear; the moon dial is peeling and chipping.  There are two very large brass weights, the strike/chime side weighing in at 38 lb and the time weight at 14 lb.  Even with all that weight the 7-tube chime needed help to strike and will need servicing to get it in running condition.  It does keep time; it is regulated by a 3-jar mercury pendulum.  I am told this clock has had two owners, the first a wealthy businessman who lived in Detroit.  They don’t make ‘em like this anymore. Delivery in the eastern half of the US for $450.  No shipping or commercial transport due to the mercury pendulum.  $1000-$2500.

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