Antique American Clocks                      January 2022


51.       $250

New Haven Clock Co. “Wilmington” hall clock, ca. 1920.  A 91-inch solid mahogany case with the original/very old finish, slightly rough.  No scratches or dents; the “hood” is fixed to the trunk and has pulled away slightly in the back.  Beveled glass in the waist door and newer glass over the dial; the “etched silver” and gold dial shows some wear.  The dial is signed and the hands are correct.  The brass pendulum and weights are also likely original. The clock is running, 8 days, and striking on a large cathedral gong on the hours and half-hours.   The lower part of the wooden backboard and framing is missing.  No label, but it can be found on page 188 of Ly’s book on New Haven clocks.  Tom Harris sold one in 2011 for $725, the only sale I can find.  $250-$750.

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