Antique American Clocks                      January 2022


48.      $400

Jerome & Co. “Office No. 2”, ca. 1886.  New Haven Clock Co. produced clocks under the Jerome & Co. label from 1857-1904; many were designated for export to England, but some were sold in the U.S., and others have made their way back over the years.  This 41-inch mahogany case is in great shape with a clean finish and bright flame mahogany veneer on the octagonal bezel.  Both glasses are old but may be replacements.  The dial is old with some chipping, the hands do not match the catalog illustration.  This example has an 8-day, time-and-strike spring-driven movement, stamped with the New Haven logo; it is running and striking as expected.  They also made this model in a weight-driven, time-only format.  The heavy gong strike on this clock is deep and resonant.  The pendulum stick and lead-backed bob are old; there is gilt trim around the door glass and on the bottom of the base, and a label on the back.  A nice example of an uncommon clock.  No recent sales.  $400-$600.

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