Antique American Clocks                      January 2021


47.      $1500

E. Howard No. 11 Regulator, ca. 1880.  A 32-inch hardwood case grain-painted to mimic rosewood.  The graining is strong on all surfaces and easily visible, even on the dial bezel.  Both glasses are original, the dial glass held in with the original putty.  There are a few chips to the lower glass black background.  There is an instruction label on the door, a red weight shield with an old service stamp and a pendulum tie-down.  The movement is signed, the pendulum bob damascened.  The heavy metal dial must hold the original paint; it is soiled, crackled, and the numbering and signature have been strengthened.  The hands are original.  Everything about this clock appears original – somehow this clock survived without anyone “fixing it up”.  It is running but a bit sensitive to positioning.  Four sales at R.O. Schmitt’s in 2018 for $1300, $1700, $1800, and $2400.  $1600-$2400.

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