Antique American Clocks                      January 2021


46.      $1000

George Hatch “Regulator No. 5”, ca. 1877.  Hatch banjos and regulators are distinguished from Howard equivalents by the detachable pendulum bob, as found here.  This style of clock is often called a “keyhole”. Hatch made only one size of this model, 32 inches long.  The hardwood case is grain-painted to imitate rosewood and much of the grain painting remains here, although the dial bezel is quite dark.  The dial glass is not old but the lower glass is, although it has probably been repainted in the proper Hatch style.  The unsigned movement is running, 8 days, driven by a large iron weight behind a replacement baffle.  Yes, the weight broke out the bottom at the left in a likely cord failure.  It looks fine. These clocks were used, not stored under a bed.  The case is stamped with the initials ‘DLW” on the lower left and there are a number of service inscriptions behind the dial.   No. 5 regulators are surprisingly uncommon given the many clocks by Hatch that are still in circulation; only a couple on LiveAuctioneers and a couple on the Antique Clocks Price Guide.  Horton’s sold a No. 5 in 2018 for $1950.  $1000-$2000.


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