Antique American Clocks                      January 2022


37.      $1200

English 8-bell/4-gong bracket clock, ca. 1880.  A 23-inch tall by 16-inch wide and 12-inch-deep English bracket clock in oak with an old/original finish and a nice patina.  The door glass is old, the silvered dial in good shape with some wear, signed “Lund & Blockley, 42 Pall Mall, To the Queen, London”.  There are three dial settings for chime/silent, fast/slow, and 8 bells/4 gongs.  There is a fifth very large gong for the hour strike – this clock has it all.  Unfortunately, it has sat too long and the triple-fusee brass plate movement will not run, chime or strike.  Servicing should fix that. There is a key for the doors (front and rear), a heavy-duty winding key, and a small piece of trim missing off the top of the right sound baffle.  $1200-$1600.

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