Antique American Clocks                      January 2022

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35.      $1500

Seth Thomas “Flora”, 1885.  One of my favorite Seth Thomas wall clocks, at 38 inches long in cherry with a clean finish.  Both glasses are old/original, the painted dial is clean, faded, but still bears the ST logo. The hands are correct.  The signed 8-day, time-and-strike movement is running and striking a cathedral gong on the hours, driven by two proper brass weights and regulated by a damascened brass pendulum.  A dark, illegible label on the inside bottom, the date of manufacture on the back.  Horton’s sold a Flora in 2017 for $1885.  $1500-$1800.

Brett Berry has suggested that this clock was originally in ebony, a finish listed in the catalog description.  He noted the black backboard and date stencil on top of the paint, and the traces of ebony paint/stain in the crevices and carvings.  I looked carefully at the clock finish and believe he is right.  The ebony finish has been removed; the only question that remains is what is the wood?  It still looks like cherry to me! 

 Thanks, Brett!

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