Antique American Clocks                      January 2022


33.      $1200

Atkins Clock Co. “30-day Extra”, ca. 1875.  A big clock, 53 inches in length with a 16-inch dial.  The case is veneered in rosewood and in excellent shape, with just a few repairs on the bezel.  Both glasses are old but are likely replacements; the dial has been touched up well in several places, and still has a few chips.  The hands are old and likely original.  This example holds an early Type D “upside down” movement (see page 60 of Gregory & King, The Clocks of Irenus Atkins) but lacks a seconds dial.  The cylinder weights are only 3.5 lbs (they should be about 6 lb), but the 30-day clock is running without problem.  Sales of this model are few, and I can find none that had the early upside-down movement. $1200-$1800.

UPDATE: I got in over my head here but Bill Iles has thrown me a life preserver:  He says it is very likely that this is a Welch 8-day clock.  Welch also made an upside-down movement, and actually provided Atkins with these movements in exchange for these cases (see Ly, Welch Clocks Second Edition, page 217).  Bill notes that on an Atkins 30-day the entire top section swings up to adjust the hands; that the verge here is Welch style, the pendulum is too small, and the case length matches a Welch 8-day.  Moreover, a 30-day clock requires heavier weights than those that came with this clock (as I noted).  I will try to get this up and run it to confirm, but for now assume it is an 8-day.  

Thanks Bill! 

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