Antique American Clocks                      January 2022


26.      $1200

Ansonia “Porcelain Regulator No. 5”, ca. 1914.  A beautiful 17-inch case with a porcelain top and base in forest green with cream accents and gold highlights.  There are flowers on the front and back of the base and the four sides of the top; there are four beveled glasses although only two are original.  The brass shows some tarnish. The two-part signed porcelain dial shows a short crack at the left winding arbor; one pallet is ruby and one is steel.  The signed 8-day movement is running and striking.  The most recent sale I can find was by Harris in 2020 for a pink No. 5 for $1300; AAC sold a green No. 2 last summer for $1200.  $1200-$1500. 

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