Antique American Clocks                      January 2022


25.      $600

Erastus Hodges miniature (narrow case) pillar & scroll, ca. 1830.  Hodges worked with Norris North from 1828 and took over the business in 1831; miniature pillar & scrolls like this one were likely made during the partnership.  The 28-inch case (13 inches wide) is in fine shape with good mahogany veneer all around and a clean finish. Both glasses are old, the tablet likely original; the glazing is new on both glasses.  There are considerable losses to the tablet, as well as touch-ups, and the glass has several cracks.  The dial is quite lovely, the hands original.  The Torrington movement is dirty and was not tested.  There are no weights with this clock, but 30-hour weights can be purchased separately (#601). The interior label is in very good condition and the back is covered by plexiglass over an 1841 newspaper.  Everything is original on this clock except the screw-in miniature brass urn finials.  $600-$1200.

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