Antique American Clocks                      January 2022


21.       $500

Eli Terry pillar & scroll, ca. 1823.  Between 1822 and 1823 Henry Terry manufactured approximately 3100 five-wheel wooden movements for his father, who received a patent on this soon-to-be standard wooden movement in 1823 (Roberts & Taylor, Eli Terry and the Connecticut Shelf Clock, 2nd Edition).  These movements were used in pillar & scroll clocks, as found here.  Clocks with an Eli Terry manufacturer label are among the most difficult Eli Terry clocks to find. This example has a refinished look with no losses to the mahogany veneer, blond wood accents at the top, and two original glasses. The tablet was repainted by Tom Moberg.  I think the scroll top has been professionally repaired and re-veneered; the brass finials are replacements.  The feet and skirt look original.  The wooden dial shows some flaking but is clean and sharp; note the cast lead hands used with these early models.  The 30-hour wooden movement is running and striking reliably.  There is a good label inside.  $500-$1000.


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