Antique American Clocks                      July 2020


16.       $5000

Seth Thomas reeded pillar & scroll, ca. 1816.  Perhaps the first pillar & scroll model made and considered to be a transitional model to the more common off-center pillar & scroll.  Indeed, I know of only five examples, this being one of them; it is described along with the second example in an article in the NAWCC Bulletin in 1962 by W.F. Pritchett.  If you are a member you can read the article here; if you are the winning bidder I will include a photocopy of the article.  The third example I am aware of is described by Ly in American Clocks Vol. 3, page 143, and the fourth and fifth were sold by Horton’s in 2002 and 2003.  This model is sometimes called an “inside-outside” P&S, as the escape wheel is visible behind the dial but the pendulum swings behind the dial rather than in front of it, as is found with Eli Terry’s “outside escapement” P&S.  The second thing that makes this clock unusual is the full-length glass, with the tablet demarcated by a gold leaf border rather than a wooden cross-piece.  Note the painted spandrels around the dial and the plain wooden dial, save the war eagle bottom center.  The hands are brass.  Other differences from later P&S clocks include the reeding on the front sides and behind the straight columns, the short feet, and the wooden urn finials.  The wooden strap, 30-hour movement is driven by two small lead weights compounded on pulleys and is running and striking readily.  There is an excellent label inside. The clock is 27.5 inches tall and appears to be the most original example of this model.  $5000-$7500.


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