Antique American Clocks                      January 2022


15.       $250

Seth Thomas pillar & scroll, ca. 1830.  The case is dark and grungy with a missing piece of veneer (lower left door), the left front foot is in serious difficulty, and both scrolls have been broken off and reglued. Both back feet are replacements.  Both glasses are original, the tablet repainted.  There is a knob added to the door and the brass urn finials are very incorrect.  I believe the dial board is taken from an Eli Terry clock, based on the style and decoration.  The hands are the correct style, but the minute hand is short.  The wooden 30-hour movement and running and striking without issue, driven by two old weights.  The label is missing the maker name, but I believe it is an S. Thomas label. Another clock that looks good but has some issues.  $250-$600.

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