Antique American Clocks                      January 2022


14.       $250

Jeromesí & Darrow pillar & scroll, 1828-1833.  Chauncey made the cases, brother Nobel made the movements, and Darrow painted the tablets.   In this case the tablet was repainted on the original glass in a pattern commonly used in this period, but not typical of Elijah Darrow.  The dial glass is also original.  The finish on the case is clean with no obvious repairs; the feet and skirt look original as is the scroll top.  The brass urn finials have two wooden and one metal post, note the round tin pulley covers.  The dial board is a replacement I think, based on the fit. It is clean with some wear.  The hands are appropriate.  The wooden 30-hour movement will not run but it will strike. There is only a partial label and two old weights, with a crank.  A later dust cover on the back of the movement.  An attractive clock, but not perfect; they rarely are.  $250-$600.

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