Antique American Clocks                      January 2022


12.       $250

Eli Terry & Sons pillar & scroll, 1823-1831.  A clean finish on this example, with no veneer repairs but the ivory escutcheon is broken.  Latch and key work.  The feet have been reinforced but look original; the scroll top has been repaired more than once and strengthened from behind.  The brass urn finials are heavy with metal posts.  There is a tin dust cover behind the movement.  The dial glass is old but held in with wooden strips; the tablet is likely repainted on the original glass.  The wooden dial has been touched up nicely, the hands are usually seen on later clocks.  The 30-hour wooden movement will run for a while and strikes as expected, driven by two old weights.  A dark but readable label.  Overall, a pretty good example.  $250-$600.

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