Antique American Clocks                      January 2022


11.        $250

Eli Terry & Sons pillar & scroll, 1823-1831.  A 31-inch case with an old finish on the mahogany veneer; there are chips and repairs, especially on the door.  The scroll-top looks like an old replacement. Both glasses are old but the glazing holding them in is newer; the tablet was repainted in the door and is unsigned.  The brass urn finials are heavy and mount on wooden posts.  The wooden dial retains its gesso decoration but shows some paint chipping, discoloration, and light soiling.  The wooden movement is running and striking, driven by two old weights and regulated by a period pendulum bob.  The label is dark and fly-spotted; there is a door key and crank.  The “Sons” are Eli Jr and Henry. $250-$600.

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