Antique American Clocks                      January 2022


7.         $600

Eli Terry, Jr. Eight-day brass clock, ca. 1835.  The 37-inch case is veneered in flame mahogany with veneered middle and lower tablets and false tortoise-shell full columns.  The door glass is a replacement; the dial has been touched up extensively and the center hole repositioned, indicating that this is not the original dial.  The unsigned arch-top brass, 8-day movement is attributed to Silas B Terry and has Babbitt metal pinions characteristic of Terry at this time.  It is running and striking on a wire gong, driven by 8-lb weights.  There is a period pendulum bob and hands. There are dual pulleys on top and it appears that there was a full dust cover at one time.  A good label inside.  AAC sold a similar example in January 2021 for $880.  $600-$1000.

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