Antique American Clocks                      January 2022


3.         $6500

Wm. Gilbert “Regulator No. 16, Standing”, ca. 1901.  The 8-foot 10-inch case is cherry with an old and likely original mahogany finish, as described in the catalog.  I see no defects, missing pieces of trim, scratches or dents.  All three glasses are old and appear original based on the glazing.  The top, midpiece, and base are marked “No. 5” on the back.  The 12-inch porcelain dial has the correct hands, a sweep second hand, and no hairlines. The 8-day weight-driven movement (time-only) has a dead-beat escapement and retaining power, regulated by a mercurial compensating pendulum; the center jar is original, the side jars are replacements.  One original side jar will be included.  It is running but not adjusted to keep accurate time.  A magnificent clock.  Delivery to the eastern half of the US for $450; no shipping due to mercury.  $7500-$10,000. 


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