Antique American Clocks                      January 2021


2.         $550

Scottish tall case clock, ca. 1850?  An 86-inch 8-day, tall case clock from Robertson in Glasgow (signed on the bottom of the dial) in flame mahogany with banded inlay along the front edges, satinwood inlays, and shell inlays in the top corners of the square bonnet.  There are some splits to the veneer on the sides.  The polychrome dial is in excellent shape with figures of handsomely dressed women from the 1600ís and 1700ís, I think.  The hands are elaborate, with a seconds and calendar dials; the dial glass is old and wavy.  The 8-day time-and-strike movement has heavy brass plates and column posts and is unsigned; it is running and striking a bell on top without issue.  Two 12-lb weights and a pendulum bob with a painted scene to match the dial.  This seems like a reliable runner with an attractive look and sound. $600-$900.

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