Antique American Clocks                      July 2020


2.         $1200

Welch, Spring & Co. “Regulator No. 2” ca. 1874.  A big regulator with an 18-inch dial and 54 inches overall in length.  The veneer is rosewood, all original, with some chips on the outer edge of the bezel as you would expect.  I think some of the case is grain-painted to match, including the interior sides and perhaps the flat section between the dial and the lower door.  The lower glass is a proper replacement; later versions of this clock had a clear lower glass.  The dial glass is original with the original putty, as hard as that is to believe.  The metal dial is old paint with some strengthening to the numerals and some touch up to chips at the winding ports and screw holes.  Hands are original and as show in the catalog drawings, page 241 of Ly’s Second Edition of Welch Clocks.  The interior back of the case has the original black flocking, and no label.  The movement has solid brass plates, a deadbeat escapement and beats seconds as shown by the seconds hand, and is as shown in Ly’s description.  It is running, not vigorously, but once the proper positioning is achieved, reliably.  It is an 8-day double wind, time only, driven by two small brass weights.  The pendulum bob and stick appear to be original, and there is a proper beat scale at the bottom signed “Welch, Spring & Co., Forestville Conn.” Make room for this one, it will command its space.  Only a couple of examples in the Antique Clocks Price Guide, most recently (2016) at Schmitt’s for $1700.  $1200-$1600.


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