Antique American Clocks                      January 2022


1.         $4500

Wm. Gilbert “Regulator No. 7”, ca. 1881.  The 104-inch case (8 ft 8 in) is walnut with walnut burl on the door front and inside back panel, as well as on the ornamentation on the base.  The old/original finish appears to have been overcoated and is uneven in places, with some spotting of indeterminate origin (possibly veneer repairs?) on the door front.  All three glasses are original, with the original putty.   The crest is not well secured to the case and will need attention; the right side shows a repair at the corner.  The finials are too-small replacements.  All the other trim pieces are present and correct, and there are no scratches or dents.  The enamel dial is fine but the brass bezel shows some tarnish spots that may not polish out.  The sweep second hand is missing, and a piece of the dial board is missing on the lower right.  The Swiss pinwheel movement is driven by a brass weight, regulated by a modern three-vial compensating pendulum. It is running.  The pendulum vials can be filled with lead shot or mercury; please indicate on your bid sheet your preference (they contain aluminum foil right now).  George Owen also marketed this model as “Regulator No. 3”.  The catalog illustration shows this model with a standard pinwheel pendulum (Ly, Gilbert Clocks, page 170).  Delivery to the eastern half of the US for $450 (or less).  $6000-$9000.

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