SHELF CALENDARS                                      JANUARY 2020

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5.         $335

L.F. & W. Carter Italian-type shelf calendar, 1863-1868.  This model is not shown in Lyís book Calendar Clocks but can be found in Miller and Millerís Survey of American Clocks: Calendar Clocks on page 64.  This model is not at all common; I can find no examples in the Antique Clocks Price Guide (out of 48 Carter clocks). The Italian-style case is 17.5 inches tall with a beautifully polished rosewood finish and ebony columns on either side.  The rounded trim around the top and the calendar door bezel are both in a lighter-color wood.  The bezel for the time and day dial is brass and is as shown in the Millersí book; the time dial is old paper in good condition, the calendar dial even better. The hands are period and may be original.  The 8-day movement is unsigned, it is running, keeping time, and striking on a wire gong.  The calendar is advancing.  There are nice labels inside and on the back of the calendar door.  This is as nice an example as you are likely to find of this rare model.  $350-$600.

Thanks to Dale Beske for inquiring about the two slots in the calendar cover (only one is used).  A little investigation revealed that the calendar mechanism likely has been replaced on this clock; Miller described a Type 'O' mechanism, whereas this clock has the later 'Y' mechanism (see added photo).  The activation levers on these two mechanisms are at different locations, explaining why a second slot had to be added to the cover when the original mechanism was replaced.  Or so it seems.

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