International Classics                         January 2020


413.     $300

Gustav Becker two-weight Vienna Regulator, 1900-1902.  This clock, or at least the movement, was manufactured at the Braunau factory, as indicated by the logo, and, based on the serial number (297401), between 1900-1902. The light hardwood case is 44 inches long (note that the bottom finial is missing), with ornate carvings on the side columns and burl accents, including a burl inset in the base.  Note also the burl accent panel on the back wall.  The door glass is not old, the side glasses are.  There is a two-part porcelain dial with fancy hands, as you would expect.  The time-and-strike signed movement is running and striking on the hours and half-hours, driven by two embossed weights and regulated by a large brass pendulum bob.  Whatís not to like?  Hortonís sold a number of similar Becker regulators in 2016 for around $400 apiece.  $300-$500.

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