236.         $250

Marine Clock Manufacturing Co. shelf clock, 1847-1853.  This company was founded by Eli Dickerman and Charles Kirk in New Haven, making lever movement clocks; the movement was unusual in that they had two escape wheels and a single spring that powered the time and strike.  This clock is an 8-day, judging by the spring size. It is running and striking, reluctantly, and probably needs cleaning.  The case is 12 inches tall in rosewood veneer, without chips.  The dial glass is old, the putty appears to be replaced; the dial has old paint and some touchup, the hands proper but modern replacements.  An informative label on the back.  Fontaine’s sold this model in 2014 for $300, the only recent sale I can find.  When my consignor handed me this clock, I gave him the old side-eye and he said, “You have never seen this clock or movement before.”  He was right.  $250-$500.

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Antique American Clocks                     January 2023

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