235.         $100

La Palina Cigar Cutter clock, ca. 1910.  This cigar cutter is powered by a clockspring; you press your cigar into the cutter and it depresses a lever that causes the blade, mounted on a ring, to rotate and cut off the tip.  It will do the same to fingertips, so keep the cork in the opening, especially when small fingers are around. The iron case clearly holds the original paint, with considerable wear and rusting. The glass on the cutter surface is likely original, and the image below it has been partially restored; you can see a better example here.  The Waterbury clock dial is signed at the bottom but is very dark; the hands are correct and there is a seconds dial at the bottom.  It winds and sets in back and is running steadily, one-day on a wind.  An interesting novelty that could still be used by cigar smokers; only two sales on LiveAuctioneers.  $100-$250.  

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Antique American Clocks                     January 2023

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