234.         $100

King Alfred Cigar Cutter clock, ca. 1910.  Waterbury Clock Co. made the movements for a variety of cigar cutters popular in the early 1900ís.  The cigar-cutting mechanism has been removed from this example, but it should sit between the clock and the base.  The case is cast iron, painted on the dial surround, and plated or bronzed on the base.  Here the paint has been refreshed on the advertising lettering.  The 2.5-inch dial is paper, lightly yellowed, and behind a flat glass; the hands appear to be correct.  It winds and sets from the back, but ticks only briefly. I do not see a signature or maker stamp, but I did not open the back of the clock.  Cigar cutter clocks are not uncommon and bring $1000 and more when complete.  $100-$500.


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