187.           $1500

Welch, Spring & Co. “Patti No. 2”, ca. 1886.  A very popular small shelf clock, just 10.5 inches tall in rosewood with a glossy finish.  The proper finials are in place, including the nubbins in back.  There are three glasses, the front glass lacks the Welch gilded border typically found and may be a replacement. The dial is paper, the hands are appropriate.  It holds an 8-day, double-wind, time-only Patti movement with nickel plates and the E.N. Welch logo on the front plate; the brass pendulum is marked WS&Co.  It is running nicely.  The original black felt is on the back wall, the label on the back has been lost.  These clocks typically sell between $1500 and $2000, although Schmitt Horan sold one with a paper dial last year for $3800; that's just crazy.  $1500-$2000.


Antique American Clocks                     January 2023

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