183.           $2500

Timby’s Solar Time Piece, 1863-1865.  Approximately 600 of these unusual clocks were made in Saratoga Springs, NY by Theodore R. Timby.  The 26.5-inch case is walnut with a renewed finish. The top finial is correct but is a replacement, the acorn drop finials are correct and may be replacements.  The time indicator above the window over the globe is a makeshift replacement and the door handle on the door is missing.  The globe is in excellent condition, labeled “Joslin’s Terrestrial Globe” dated 1860.  The jeweled balance wheel movement is thought to have been made by LaPorte Hubbell and winds in back, turning the globe once every 24 hours and running for 8 days.  Above the globe is the time window, with a paper dial that rotates behind the small glass with the globe, a pointer indicating the time.  The lower glass in front of the movement shows the minute wheel with a paper dial; both paper dials would appear to be original.  The door flips down to adjust the time.  The clock is running without issue.  AAC has sold three of these models and this is the best of the group – in January of last year AAC sold one for $3960, and in July of 2021 AAC sold two for $4625 and $3000. $3000-$5000.


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Antique American Clocks                     January 2023

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