Antique American Clocks                           July 2022


30.              $250

Wm. Gilbert Clock Co. “Long Branch” calendar,ca. 1895.  This clock was offered with and without a simple calendar which would cost you an extra 50 cents in 1895.  The very ornately carved walnut case is 28 inches tall with the proper finials on top; note the rope twist columns on each side and across the top and top sides.  The door glass is correct, period, and with wear to the stenciling.  The replaced paper dial is clean, slightly yellowed, the hands are mismatched replacements.  The 8-day, time and half-hour strike movement is running, but a bit touchy.  It strikes on a Gilbert cathedral gong and is regulated by a very fancy Gilbert pendulum, and as shown in the catalog illustration (Ly, Gilbert Clocks, page 331).  No label on this example.  This is the first time I have seen this model in walnut, although the catalog states that it came in oak or walnut; it is almost always seen in oak.   I can find no sales records for a walnut calendar model and no recent sales of any model, calendar or not, although AAC sold a Davis Clock Co. Long Branch calendar last January for $385.   $250-$500.


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