Antique American Clocks                           July 2022


29.               $750

Wm. Gilbert Clock Co. “Oriental” calendar,ca. 1901.  A 31-inch walnut case with detailed carvings and a clean finish.  The door glass is original, and the painted tablet appears original as well and is well preserved, protected from damage by the door-mounted calendar.  This is one of six models that used McCabe’s 1896-patent calendar mechanism.  There are instructions to set the calendars on the board on the back of the calendar and they claim that “any person with a little judgement should be able to adjust them”.  I’ve read the instructions and I am pretty sure I lack all judgement.  You may be better off.  There are more instructions behind a plastic sheet on the interior back wall.  There are a lot of instructions with this calendar clock, and I think a Seth Thomas or Ithaca calendar clock might be easier to use.  The previous owner insists he restored this mechanism, and it will work just fine.  I can confirm that the lift bar attached to the movement will advance the date, but the weekday does not advance; the month is advanced by hand according to information I have found elsewhere.  On the positive side, the clock does run and strike on the hours and half-hours.  The movement is signed and runs 8-days, spring-driven, and strikes on a Gilbert cathedral gong; the pendulum is Gilbert issue.  The dial is old paper in a brightly polished brass bezel; note the original inner ring with A and B notations, which are explained in the instructions.  The hands are original.   AAC sold an oak Oriental last January for $850. $750-$1000.   


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