Antique American Clocks                           July 2022


22.              $750

E. Howard & Co. “wall regulator”, ca. 1890? This model is not shown in E. Howard Watch & Clock Co. catalogs but is identical to one marketed by the Boston Clock Co. (see #23).  The dark cherry case is 35 inches long and does not appear to have been grain-painted.  The bottom was broken out, likely due to a weight fall, and has been restored.  Both glasses are old, but I think the dial glass is a replacement, based on the putty, and the tablet has been repainted.  The heavy zinc dial is original to this clock and shows some spotting and light soiling, and inpainting of chips; it is signed but I think that is a later addition.  There are repairmen inscriptions on the back of the dial going back to 1890.  The hands are correct.  The movement is unsigned; the bob is damascened faintly and there is a working tie-down and a metal E. Howard tag on the metal weight shield.  I cannot keep this guy running, and so I suspect service will be needed.  $750-$1000.


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