Antique American Clocks                           July 2022


8.            $400

Seth Thomas “Regulator No. 1”, ca. 1890.  A 31.5-inch case veneered in walnut with two old/original glasses.  The base is a replacement likely the result of a weight-fall that broke out the original bottom.  The tablet has lost the black backing.  The dial is old and has been touched up, the hands are original, with the seconds hand a replacement.  This is an early No. 1 and has the round movement made by Silas B Terry (see page 271 of Ly’s book on Seth Thomas clocks, Vol. 1).  The pendulum spring and hanger are repaired, the bob is damascened. The weight shield is original with a good label and the weight is proper.   The clock is running strongly.  Replace the base and reback the lower glass and this guy will be as good as new.  Horton’s sold one in 2019 for $800.  $400-$600.

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