Antique American Clocks                           July 2022


1.         $2500

Nathan Hale mirror clock, 1807-1817.  Hale is best known for his tall-case clocks made in Vermont; this is the only example I can find of a Nathan Hale mirror clock.  The case is 42 inches long, veneered on the front and sides with birdseye maple.  The chimneys did not hold finials.  The gilding on the door frame appears to be original, with wear; there are four embossed ornaments on the corners.  The dial glass is old, the dial surround repainted, the mirror is old and possibly original.  It is covered by a backboard inside.  The iron dial holds the original paint with the signature of N. Hale, Chelsea, Vt.  The hands are delicately handmade and no doubt original.  The hand-made brass movement has inscribed gears and a fanciful verge; I could not test it as the pendulum spring is broken off and will need repair.  The catgut weight cord looks tentative and so I did not hang the 7 lb weight.  The bottom of the case is open behind the carved front drop.   No sales records for this or a similar model, although my consignor says he paid a pretty penny at Cottone’s in 2007.  $2500-$7500.


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